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Orbitris is an innovative and very pleasant marketplace, that allows you to find the Best Prices in Canada & USA
  • Orbitris is North AmericanOrbitris manages and ships every product directly from Canada or from the United States. Orbitris does not do dropshipping like other marketplaces. That way, the Orbitris customers are guaranteed of the following: Safe shopping experience + Quality.
  • Shipping is very FAST Orbitris packs and ships your order within 24 hours (7-day week). Only “ready-to-ship products” are allowed on Orbitris.
  • 60-Day FREE Return If there’s any issue with a product, you can return it back to Orbitris. Also, most of the Orbitris products come with a warranty.
  • GO Green with Orbitris The Orbitris Go Green program is reducing the carbon footprint and the environmental detriment. When possible, Orbitris promotes local manufacturing, local shopping, and local transport (inside Canada & USA). A special emphasis is also put on pre-owned and refurbished products.

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