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What is Orbitris?

OrbitrisTM is an innovative marketplace that strives to offer the Best Prices in Canada & United States, all the time. Obitris offers a large range of brand new, pre-owned and refurbished products. Also, the Orbitris Support and the various Orbitris guarantees, are of the highest standard available on the Web.

Why Orbitris is such a good way to shop online? And what is so different about Orbitris?

Orbitris works for the buyer’s benefit, in the first instance. Orbitris monitors the quality of everything, from products, shipping, to post-purchase satisfaction. It makes Orbitris a very safe and pleasant platform for online shopping.

Do the products come from Orbitris warehouse or from third-party vendors?

Products are shipped directly from Orbitris Depots located in Canada. Third-party vendors act only as suppliers to Orbitris. Their products are kept and managed by Orbitris. This way, and unlike the other marketplaces, Orbitris has a full control over:
  • product quality;
  • shipping time frame;
  • customer service and customer post-purchase satisfaction
Globally, Orbitris is supplied by manufacturers, distributors, brick & mortar shops, handmakers and even handcrafters.

Does Orbitris allow dropshipping?

Never. And this is because Orbitris protects the quality of all Orbitris products and so the integrity of Orbitris customers. Not to mention, the unique and excellent 24 hours shipping time guarantee offered by Orbitris. Orbitris offers many other guarantees and product warranties or their enforcement. Dropshipping is risky for consumers, and it has generally no real benefit for them.

What is Go Green with Orbitris?

Orbitris focusses to reduce the environmental detriment caused by production and transportation of goods. And one of the most important Orbitris features: you can find many pre-owned and refurbished products. For instance, if you are trying to find a refurbished or a pre-owned product in your town, you may have better options on Orbitris.

Buying on Orbitris

Orbitris marketplace is very simple and easy to use.

When you order on Orbitris, your package is shipped directly from an Orbitris Depot, to your shipping address. Orbitris guarantees you a 24 hour shipping time frame (on working days). It means Orbitris will pack and ship your order within 24 hours; otherwise, the Orbitris system will reimburse you.

Orbitris also offers you other great and important guarantees. To know more about it, please visit the Orbitris Buyer Protection Program

Do the products on Orbitris are “pre-owned” or “brand new”?

Orbitris offers the 3 following product conditions:
  • Brand New: Orbitris will sell it at the lowest price possible on the market.
  • Pre-Owned: Orbitris Depot inspects and sanitizes carefully every pre-owned product.
  • Refurbished: they usually come with a product certification and an extensive guarantee, powered by Orbitris.

What payment methods can I use on Orbitris?

Orbitris partners with *StripeTM to offer you the safest and easiest shopping experience online. Stripe itself offers many ways to pay for your Orbitris order. Major credit cards are accepted. A Stripe balance or a bank transfer to your Orbitris account are good options too. But no matter the method you prefer, your purchases on Orbitris are always strongly protected.

Will my payment go directly to Orbitris?

Your payment is processed by Stripe on the behalf of Orbitris. On the checkout page, your name, your address, your email and your phone number are collected by Orbitris; while your payment is collected and processed by Stripe only. Orbitris may refund you at any moment, according to the Orbitris Buyer Protection Program and other guarantees.
For more information, please consult the Orbitris Buyer Protection Program

What shipping methods are available?

Orbitris works with Canada Post and USPS mainly. In some circumstances (example: for very large items), Orbitris can use a different carrier (like FedEx, Purolator, UPS) if necessary. Also, if your shipping address is outside Canada-USA, your package will be delivered by your local carrier or by the local branch of an international carrier.

How the shipping cost are calculated?

Orbitris system is connected directly with Canada Post and USPS to display the live rates on the Cart and Checkout pages. You have the option to choose the shipping method (regular, accelerated, etc) you wish. Please note: Orbitris shipping rates are preferential rates, so you save even more money.

What are the “shipping time” and the “delivery time”?

The “shipping time” is the time frame with which Orbitris Depots must comply.
The shipping time frame on Orbitris is awesome and unique: maximum of 24 hours (7-day week, except on holidays) for every product, no exception.
For instance, let’s say you make your purchase on a Wednesday at 5pm; then, the Orbitris Depot will pack and ship your order within the next 24 hours (so maximum by thursday 5pm). If that shipping time frame is not respected (which is very unlikely to happen), you will be fully reimbursed by the Orbitris system at the 24th hour. It’s important to understand that the 24 hours is a maximum, and not the Orbitris optimal shipping time frame. Actually, the Orbitris Depot team hurries to pack and ship your order very quickly, with an average shipping time frame of 1 to 3 hours (on Canada Post and USPS working hours).

The “delivery time” is the time it takes for your order to be delivered to your door by Canada Post or USPS (or other carrier for some specific products). The delivery time of Canada Post, within Canada, is usually about 2 days. If you live outside Canada-USA, you can expect an additional delay over which Orbitris has much less control.

Please note: in order to protect your purchase and to apply the Orbitris Buyer Protection program, Oribitris cannot and will not ship your order to a different address than your billing address. In other words: your shipping address must match exactly with your billing address.

Will I receive a tracking number to track my package?

If you are a Canadian customer, Yes. It’s one of the main features that enforce your shopping experience on Orbitris. This means if, for any rare reason, you don’t receive your package or if it’s shipped out of the Orbitris shipping time frame (excepted if you provided a wrong shipping address), the Orbitris system will reimburse you. It’s also very convenient and exciting for you to look online where your order is and when exactly it will be delivered to your door.

What if nobody is at home when my package arrives?

If you are a Canadian or a US customer, it’s not a problem at all. Canada Post or USPS will either let your package into your mailbox, if large enough, or will hold it for you. If the latter, you’ll can pick it up later to the nearest office. Some international carriers (outside Canada & USA) may have a different procedure.

Orbitris offers many Guarantees. What are they exactly?

The Guarantees on Orbitris cover everything:
  • the quality of the products you buy on Orbitris
  • the shipping time frame
  • the product warranty, or its enforcement by Orbitris
  • your post-purchase satisfaction

Additionally, it’s very important for Orbitris to monitor closely your whole shopping experience. We wish that your shopping experience on Orbitris will make you happy. If at any moment it’s not the case, please let us know quickly.

You can see more information about the guarantees offered by Orbitris, on the following pages:

If this Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page didn’t answer your question(s), then please contact the Orbitris Customer Care Center here:

Please, never hesitate to do so. An Orbitris Customer Care manager will be glad to provide you with the best support.
Selling Countries and Customs

In which countries Orbitris is available in?

At this moment, Orbitris can sell and ship to the following countries:
Canada & USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Greece, United Kindgom (UK), Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Australia, New Zeland, Japan.

What about the Customs?

Outside Canada, Orbitris has no control on customs and, therefore, cannot offer guarantees about the transit of your order through the customs. The only thing Orbitris can do if a “customs” issue occurs, is to reimburse you the entire price of the product after the package is returned to Orbitris (and if the product(s) is/are intact).
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