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Orbitris Buyer Protection Program

Although issues on Orbitris are very rare, it’s always good to know that your purchase is strongly protected. This is the goal of the Orbitris Buyer Protection Program, and the Orbitris 60-day FREE return policy.

Orbitris Buyer Protection Program

  • Payment: Your payment is processed by StripeTM. Orbitris Support can reverse your payment or reimburse you at any moment, for any legitimate purpose.
  • Shipping: The shipping time frame is Guaranteed by Orbitris. Every order on Orbitris is shipped within the maximum time frame of 24 hours, 7-day week (except on holidays). This is a very strict rule that Orbitris follows without exception. If your order is not shipped within 24 hours, you can ask for an immediate reimbursement.
  • Product: Additionally, if for whatever reason your product is defective or not as described (which is also rare), you will also be eligible for an exchange or for a full reimbursement, at your convenience.

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Extensive details about the protection offered by Orbitris, can be found here
If any problem occurs with your order or with your product(s), please contact us without delay. The Orbitris Customer Care center will review the case and will take the entire management of your order into their hands, to your benefit.

    You might find very useful information here. Otherwise please contact use the contact form below:

    Orbitris Customer Care Center offers the best customer support, 24/7, 100% Satisfaction
    Orbitris sets the bar very high. We want every Orbitris customer to be 100% Satisfied. If it’s not the case, please let us know as soon as possible.

    If you have any questions or comments, we’d also like to hear from you.


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