Orbitris – Terms and Conditions

Orbitris Terms and Conditions

Orbitris Terms & Conditions apply to every order made on Orbitris.* Every Orbitris Customer and order are protected by the Orbitris Buyer Protection Program.* *However, some guarantees may not be applicable, or entirely applicable, if the order is shipped outside Canada & USA.
Payment To comply with the Orbitris Buyer Protection Program, your payment will be kept on hold by *StripeTM. We ask you to notify Orbitris if there is any issue with your order or with the product(s) you receive. You can ask for a full reimbursement directly to Orbitris. Orbitris takes decision depending on the product type and on the circumstances. Other guarantees, such as a 1 year or lifetime guarantee for example, may also apply to your product.
Shipping Shipping time frame is guaranteed by Orbitris. The shipping time frame for any product sold on Orbitris, is 24 hours, 7-day week (except on holidays in Canada & USA). If your order is shipped out of the expected time frame of 24 hours (which is very unlikely to happen), and according to the above conditions, then you will be reimbursed by Orbitris. The shipping delivery time depends on the carrier; in Canada, Canada Post is the main provider of that service for Orbitris, while USPS is the main provider in the United States. Orbitris is therefore not liable for any delay that belongs to Canada Post or USPS responsibility or to any other carrier implied. However, if a delay caused by the carrier occurs, you can ask Orbitris for a full reimbursement of your order, as long as the package is not opened and is returned to Orbitris without delay.
Product If for whatever reason your product is defective or not as described, you will also be eligible for a FULL reimbursement (within 60 days after you have received your product). If you are located in Canada & USA, you will receive a free return shipping label. In that case, you must return the product in the same condition as you received it. Some products may not be covered by the Orbitris 60-day FREE return policy, unless they are clearly not as described or unless they are defective or damaged. For example, but not exclusively: underwear, one time use products, some jewellery, books.
At this time, Orbitris cannot and will not send an order to an address different from billing address. Thus, Buyer’s billing address must match exactly with the shipping address. That way, Orbitris can proudly offer the best free return policy possible, among other very useful guarantees exclusive for Orbitris customers.
Although issues are very rare, you agree to contact Orbitris Support (support@orbitris.com or using the contact page: https://www.orbitris.com/customer-care-center/), if there’s any issue related to your order. An Orbitris Customer Care Manager will review the case and takes the entire management of your order in hands, to your benefit.
Orbitris partners with StripeTM(online payment processing) to offer you a unique and very safe shopping experience!
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